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Dr. Randolph Brooks, PhD and Tenesha Brooks, LCSW, LICSW are your TRUSTED partners in creating a healthier, more productive workplace environment. With over 30 combined years of experience as therapists and group facilitators, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Tenesha and Randolph are especially committed to fostering inclusive spaces where professionals and students can thrive authentically.

Services Offered


Individual Consultations: Personalized sessions tailored to address your unique mental health and work-related challenges.


Group Workshops: Engaging workshops designed to promote team cohesion, stress management, and appreciation of diverse perspectives.


Organizational Consultations: Comprehensive assessments and strategic planning to optimize workplace wellness initiatives, promote inclusion, and enhance overall productivity.

Signature Topics

Navigating Work Stress & Preventing Burnout

Overcoming Self-doubt & Imposter Syndrome

Creating Work-Life Balance

Overcoming Obstacles to Advance Progress

Navigating Microaggressions

Why Choose Brooks Psychological Services?


Expertise: Benefit from Tenesha and Randolph’s extensive background in therapy and group facilitation.


Diversity and Inclusion: Embrace a culturally sensitive approach that prioritizes the well-being of professionals and students of color.


Proven Results: Unlock the potential of your workforce with evidence-based strategies that boost job satisfaction, engagement, and retention rates.

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